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  • What are CTQ Compounds?
    CTQ Compounds is an original creation by Choose To Thinq and built to help individuals use the power of compounding and curiosity to grow wiser.
  • What is a Compounding Habit?
    A Compounding habit is a sustainable and regular routine which can help your personal and professional development. These compound habits allow you to uplevel, take charge of your future relevance, and stay wise.
  • Why do I need Compounding?
    The ‘Compound’ system is built on a proven mix of behavioural design, habit formation, and information absorption. A compound habit is a regular and sustainable routine that will help you grow, professionally and personally.
  • These pieces of content are already freely available. So why should I join this?
    This will help you build a personal ‘reading for wisdom’ system that lets you take full advantage of the abundant free knowledge out there. Do you have such a system already?
  • Why will this approach work?
    It’s built on research-backed ideas about building habits and sustaining motivation. It also comes from CTQ’s own experience of sustaining a group reading habit for a streak of nearly 1000 days, as well as building curiosity-led routines for our clients. As you participate, you’ll encounter a variety of simple yet powerful nudges designed to keep you on track.
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