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Daily Reader

Daily Reader

Become the wiser, lifelong reader you always wanted to be. 15 mins of reading takes you places.

  • About This Compound

    Unable to read regularly? Stuck reading the same topics? Missing out on the compounding effect of reading? On this compound, read just one handpicked short article a day to power up your daily reading and expand your areas of interest.

    Who is it for

    Ages 18+, anywhere in the world. Ideal for would-be active readers struggling to find great reads and to build a routine.

    What to expect

    Via a Telegram group, get one short, non-fiction reads each day. Expect lots of diverse themes. Actively post takeways or just sit back and reflect quietly. 

    Why this'll work?

    It's powerfully simple and fits into your busy life. Just ask our 200+ Daily Readers. There are no deadlines, just gentle encouragement.

  • How Your Subscription Works

    Your subscription brings you:

    1. Access to an exclusive, actively moderated, spam-free Telegram group with no more than 20 people.
    2. For 3 or 6 months. Your choice.
    3. Free and life-time access to the Compounds Forever community to get recommendations, quizzes, and more.


    How It Works

    • Each day, receive the article of the day on the Telegram group. Read it any time in the day, when you have the time (only 15 mins needed!). Inform the group and share a takeaway (that's a great way to engage with the article).
    • Get an incredible variety of topics. In a single week, you'll hop between themes such as culture, history, geography, science, arts, food, fashion, and space.
    • Enjoy a kind and encouraging environment to keep reading. If you falter, we'll help you get back on track.
  • Example Articles

    The reading compound is designed for variety and regularity. Each day, you'll read short, non-fiction articles from both well-known and underrated sources.

    Three examples:

    We cover a wide variety of domains and topics. Examples:

    • Domains: tech, finance, business, food, self-improvement, culture, society etc.

    • Cultures: India, the West, China, Africa etc.

    • Topics: decision-making,story-telling, curiosity, history, design etc.

  • Refund Policy

    What happens if you change your mind? We understand. You can opt out for a full refund within a week of your subscription going live.

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