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Uplevel with us

Our Story

At Choose To Thinq, we believe the world needs all of us to be future relevant.

Being trapped in the Treadmill of Today can slow down growth and adversely affect relevance. CTQ Compounds let individuals take charge of their future relevance by helping them to compound their wisdom and systematically uplevel.

Choose To Thinq started in 2014 to help leaders and growth-minded individuals make future relevance an everyday routine (Read our Future Relevance manifesto). In our team, everyone is a curious mind and an ardent reader! This inclination to read, expose ourselves to new ideas, and build a broad perspective on the world has equipped us with the tools to help leaders, innovators, and creative professionals change their world for the best.

Meet The Team

B.V. Harish Kumar
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He has been a marketer and entrepreneur for two decades. A co-founder at CTQ, some of his best insights have come from interests in fields like tennis and gardening. A flourishing garden needs a friendly environment, a thoughtful approach, and just the right amount of daily action. Sounds like upleveling to Harish.

J Ramanand
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He was a researcher in computer science before co-founding CTQ. An alumnus of IIT Bombay, he is the youngest winner of the BBC quiz show Mastermind India. Ramanand believes the best objectives are fueled by randomness. Collecting eclectic ideas for decades has helped him apply his curiosity and creativity to problem-solving.

Sirisha Bhamidipati
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She has significant experience in identifying and upleveling company cultures to enable 10X growth. A Fulbright Scholar, she has studied at Carnegie Mellon University and IIM Ahmedabad. She draws deeply on her gritty journey of overcoming multiple challenges after a near-death experience at the age of 13.

Sanasi Kelkar

She loved sports and writing so much that she became a sports journalist with two of India’s best newspapers. Since then, she has created new-age educational content and has established herself as a self-taught designer and video editor. Some of her best lessons have come from listening to the actor and communicator Alan Alda.

Ankita Verma

She likes words in all shapes, sizes, and forms. She’s worked in advertising, published fiction, and is an expert navigator of the rabbit holes of research. Imaginative worlds are a source of inspiration for her, which allow her to make creative connections across diverse fields.

Five Ways We Uplevel

We read


We answer FutureRing questions

We work




We practice



We record Smartcasts
and write Smartletters

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