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Give your child the gift of daily reading. The child-friendly version of the Daily Reader. 

  • About Readikkulus

    Looking to help your child become a keen and wiser reader in a digital world?  Readikkulus is the children-friendly version of our classic Daily Reader compound. Kids read short, age-appropriate, English pieces everyday, in an encouraging environment that helps build appetite for reading wisely and widely.

    Who is it for?

    Ages 10-17; ideal for students looking to build curiosity,  wisdom, vocabulary, and an appetite for diverse knowledge.

    What to expect?

    One short (under 1000 words), age-appropriate article each day. Plus bonus trivia and themes of the week.

    Why this'll work

    It's wonderfully diverse and each day's article is short (so no temptation to stay on a screen). There's no nagging to complete, unlike at school. Bonus: your child becomes better at reading non-fiction.

  • How Your Subscription Works

    Your subscription brings you: 

    1. Access to an exclusive, actively moderated, spam free Telegram group (the parent can use their Telegram account and moderate access to the group).
    2. Duration: Choose between one or three months.
    3. Receive one link each daily to a short article. Read any time during the day.
    4. Unlock the fact of the day by completing the day's article
    5. Play occasional quizzes to test your vocab and general knowledge.
  • Example Articles

    Readikkulus is designed for variety and regularity. On three days of each week, get articles on a different theme, while the remaining four days come from a mixed bag of topics. Some example articles:

    Ages 10-13

    Ages 14-17

  • Refund Policy

    Life happens, especially with young ones around. You can opt out for a full refund within a week of your subscription going live. 

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