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Futurestack for Digital Trends

Futurestack for Digital Trends

The world is going digital. Get a 101 to ten trends you must know to stay relevant.

  • About This Compound

    To be relevant in the future means to find a place in the digital economy. It’s easy to get sideswiped by change. To prevent that, we’ve handpicked 10 trends shaping our digital world.

    What's in it?
    For 10 weeks, engage with carefully curated content on these skills. We’ve picked a mix of short articles and videos, so that you can focus on upleveling.

    Who is it for?
    Ideal for professionals and leaders in the knowledge economy who want to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. They’ll feel more plugged in to the world of digital transformation, participate better in professional conversations, and sow the seeds for future opportunities.

    What to expect?
    An introduction to 10 changing trends, in small content drips that you can sip. Get 4 short articles/videos each week on a different theme each week. Plus short quizzes and reflection prompts to understand what you need to do next.


    Why this'll work
    When there's barely time for work and life, it's hard to plan for future relevance. Enter our perfectly curated pieces and prompts. Like our 100+ Futurestack subscribers, you'll need only an hour each week.

  • How Your Subscription Works

    Your subscription brings you:

    • Access to an exclusive, actively moderated, spam-free Telegram group.

    • Free and life-time access to the Compounds Forever community to get recommendations, quizzes, and more.

    How It Works

    • Each day, receive the prompt of the day on the Telegram group. Read it at your leisure (typically, only 15 mins needed!)

    • Each week is dedicated to a single theme. Receive four pieces of content (articles/videos) across the week, one quiz, and one reflection prompt.

    • To end the week, fill out a 'Future Canvas' reflection questionnaire to synthesize your take on the theme.

    • Each Saturday, we kick off a new theme.

  • Content Themes & Examples

    Each week is dedicated to a single theme. See a free example here, based on the theme of “NFTs”.

    This compound covers the following topics across the 10 weeks:

    • World of Algorithms

    • Ethics in AI

    • AR/VR

    • Synthetic Biology

    • Quantum Computing

    • Online Privacy

    • Cybercrime

    • Artificial Assistants

    • No Code/Low code

    • Data Scepticism

  • Refund Policy

    Opt-out for a full refund any time in the first 14 days

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