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[Futurestack] Lost with NFTs? Find your feet with this curated collection

A free example of one of our Futurestack themes, as part of the compound on 10 digital trends shaping the world.

It's not just software that's eating the world. It's that digital is eating everything. To be relevant in the future means to find a place in the digital economy. It’s easy to get sideswiped by change. For instance, what is all the fuss about NFTs? How could it change your world?

This is a free sample of a week's content from our Futurestack compound on digital trends. Read it in one go or spread it over a week, like our subscribers do.

The first NFT is said to have been sold in 2014. But it’s only from 2020 that NFTs have gone hit the heights of the hype cycle.

Day #1 - NFTs: a curious mix

👉NFTs are a curious mix of the rational and the irrational.

🎁BONUS: A more detailed exploration of NFTs in All about NFTs (60 mins)

Day #2 - More than a fad?

Day 3 - Reflect


What’s the most curious feature of NFTs for you?

Day 4 - Using NFTs

👉What are some of NFT’s use cases?

Day 5 - Quiz

What was the name of the artist who sold his artwork ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ for $69 million?

  1. Banksy

  2. Beeple

  3. Grimes

This was first posted on March 21, 2006. It was sold for about $3 million as an NFT. It was the first-ever:

  1. Tweet

  2. Facebook post

  3. Instagram story

Day 6 - Downsides

👉Apart from the hype and uncertainty, what are the downsides and challenges of NFTs?

Day 7 - Fill Your Future Canvas

Fill out this week's Future Canvas to reflect on this theme and all that you read.

NFTs are a rapidly evolving space. Like with bitcoin and blockchain, it’s likely that the current nature of NFTs may fade away but leave behind a different approach to ownership.

For a comprehensive set of resources on NFTs, including technical approaches, look at this page.


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