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[Iconic India] Get united with Yoga

A free sample theme from our Iconic Culture of India & People compounds

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. But around 400 AD, one man is said to have put together all previous knowledge on the subject and thus formed a solid body of work on Yoga. Physical postures are only one part of yoga - there’s also mental and spiritual practises. All of yoga aims for you to have a life that is in sync with the energy of the universe.

Find out more about yoga through 10 questions and prompts.

This is a free sample of one day's content from our Iconic Culture of India compound. Read it in one go, play it with your family, or just enjoy it solo.

Each Iconic Theme is in the form of a PDF with the following:

  1. 8 questions that will quiz you and help you discover a facet of Yoga

  2. 1 Fact/Anecdote

  3. 1 Activity for you to try

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