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[Futurestack] A short guide to 21st Century Careers

A free example of one of our Futurestack themes, as part of the compound for 21st century professionals

21st century professionals have to prosper in a world of uncertainty. The good news: there are several timeless skills that will keep you relevant, no matter the state of the world. One of them is understanding the changing nature of careers in the 21st century.

This is a free sample of a week's content from our Futurestack compound for 21st century professionals. Read it in one go or spread it over a week, like our subscribers do.

For knowledge workers, the notion of a ‘career’ was a 20th century construct, which emerged due to the changing nature of organisations. What will it be like in the next 50 years? We've curated 4 picks to help you figure the answer out:

Day #1 - What is a career?

What is a ‘career’? Why is the notion coming under attack in the 21st century? Here’s a good introduction.

Day #2 - Portfolio Careers

Portfolio careers, second careers, plural careers, side hustles - all variants of the idea that it is fine (or even necessary) to have multiple careers. It could help you express your interests and act as a buffer of resilience if one career was affected.

Day 3 - Reflect

  1. Do you have an active second/secondary career?

  2. Have you tried a side-hustle before?

  3. Do you think you’ll have a career in your 70s and beyond?

Day 4 - Long-lasting Careers

A few years ago, we were at a conference where we heard about ‘tertiary careers’ emerging as a result of increased lifespans and improved health. So what do you do when you are past the so-called retirement age but have the energy for another career?

Day 5 - Quiz

1. Before scoring his big acting break, Harrison Ford was in which profession? Options: Archaeology, Horticulture, Carpentry, Bodybuilding

2. Gallup's CliftonStrengths is a popular way to understand one's strengths. The 34 are divided into 4 domains. Which of these is NOT a domain? Options: Strategic Thinking, Creativity Production, Influencing, Relationship Building

Day 6 - Dealing With Decline

All said and done, our professional careers have a shelf-life. What can you do to embrace it, or even turn it into opportunities for creating meaning?

Day 7 - Fill Your Future Canvas

At the end, to synthesize your thoughts, fill out this week's Future Canvas .


If you found these valuable, take your quest for future relevance to the next level. Join the Futurestack Compound for 21st Century Professionals to discover 10 skills you need to have in your arsenal to keep you relevant.


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