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Seen Compounds. Unseen Offers.

Fans of Amit Varma and The Seen and the Unseen podcast? This way please.

Compound your wisdom here

Special offers for you smart ones on the selected compounds below. After you select the compounds you want to subscribe to, apply the code UNSEEN during your sales checkout. To see our full list of compounds, go here.

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"I love reading, but over time, my reading habit had slipped away. We have a universe of great writing available to us on the internet, but we never get down to it. The Daily Reader acted as a fantastic commitment device that got me reading again. I got back the habit of deep reading, and I loved the serendipity of discovering new subjects – and new universes! Highly recommended!"


Amit Varma, podcaster at The Seen and the Unseen

Why Is Reading Important?

In March 2020, we met up with Amit Varma to discuss a variety of interesting topics ranging from reading and writing to habits, curiosity, managing an information diet and so much more. Enjoy this conversation and find out his answer to this question.

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