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  • B.V.Harish Kumar

What's An Efficient Way To Overcome Procrastination?

This has worked for me:

  1. Split the task into smaller parts

  2. Remove all distractions

  3. Do a pomodoro sprint

Pomodoro sprint:

The pomodoro technique is well-known. I don't use it in the classical sense i.e. I don't do only 25-minute slots. Given the tasks at hand, I try to estimate the time I'll require for it and schedule it in my calendar. The part that I follow from the pomodoro technique is to set aside 5 minutes after every task to spend on activities like checking email or twitter. This ensures that I never feel that I'm denying myself any guilty pleasures. The time sinks are available to me, just at a later point in time. Because the next sprint is set to start within 5 minutes, I know that I have limited time and end up using that slot judiciously.

The interesting thing is that I use this technique sparingly. When my to-do list becomes very long, I pull out this weapon from my arsenal and it usually works well. But the next day, I tend to get back to my regular approach of taking up tasks one by one, without scheduling slots in my calendar.


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