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5 Thinkers That Should Shape Your Thinking About The Remote Workspace

A world without thinkers would be one without room for innovation, and therefore without room for growth. In today’s corporate world, thinkers are even more important because they bring so much insight into industry trends. However, identifying good thinkers can be a tricky task. The digital nature of downloading information (to our screens, and our minds!) poses a unique risk of being exposed to unvalidated, if not completely ambiguous data.

We thought we’d help out a bit, and so we’ve gathered a list of some thinkers (read: thought leaders), who have reimagined the workplace and by extension the nature of what qualifies as company culture. Here are some who you definitely want on your RADAR if you are looking for innovative and disruptive industry trends -

  1. Jason Fried - The co-founder of Basecamp, Jason Fried has established himself as a tech-driven thought leader. His multi-product software company created a project management tool with the intention of being more organized and productive at work. In addition to establishing and growing Basecamp to a subscriber base of millions, he authored a book titled ‘ReWork in 2010’. This book quickly emerged as a useful tool in reshaping work culture to be more flexible, result-oriented, and agile; it has been popular amongst entrepreneurs for the past 20 years! Follow him for insights on shifting work cultures, Basecamp, and innovation in technology.

  2. Luis Suarez - While most people who make it to the “thinkers” lists are entrepreneurs, Luis Suarez stuck to his guns and his journey at IBM, where he worked for seven years. In this time he gained experience that equipped him to be a perceptive voice in the tech space. Today he is at panagenda, a software company offering solutions in detailed analytics, actionable insights, and admin automation. His trajectory from a corporate employee to an on-the-go remote entrepreneur is a testament to what being creative in the digital space can help you achieve. Follow him for insights on digital transformation, data analytics, and social businesses.

  3. Nicole Faith - As a remote worker for Squarespace, Nicole Faith discovered her interest in starting her own remote, independent business. Her interest propelled her into launching 10-Carat Creations, a location-independent design company that now allows her to help clients build online service businesses. Her take on scaling business through online media is simple - “You can’t be everywhere nor should you want to be. You should focus on where your target market hangs out and speak directly to them there.” Check out her profile for insights on how to be productive while working remotely, and scaling businesses in a remote ecosystem.

  4. Cassie & Shay - This is an interesting one. Bucketlist Bombshells; a company started by BFF duo Cassie and Shay (Cassandra Torrecillas and Shayleen Brown), offers courses that encourage and educate women who are on their own journey to start online businesses. They are now living the digital nomad life while growing their company and other businesses around the world. The innate setup of this particular business is tailored around encouraging women to create their own board rooms! An aptitude for entrepreneurship and the souls of travelers - these are exactly the kind of thinkers you should be taking inspiration from. Take a look at their journey for insights on the digital nomad life, women in business, and travel inspiration (really!).

  5. Kate Kendall - With a passion for facilitating productive remote working setups, Kate Kendall founded CloudPeeps, a marketplace that matches employers with freelancers all around the globe. Her own experience working remotely is an excellent pool of insight and information for individuals and businesses alike. She aptly identifies as a community builder, creating cohesive work environments which are largely, if not completely, digital in nature. Her word of advice is that - “Start by working on your company culture and having a good look at your founding or executive team’s values.” Follow her for keen insights on women entrepreneurs, remote working, and the relevance of company culture.

Each of these thinkers has a few key traits. They are inquisitive, willing to take risks, masters of their craft, constant learners, and open-minded. If you are following thinkers who have had immense experience and are willing to share it - hang on to their every word!

Who are some of the thinkers who make you think too? Tell us in the comments - we’d love to hear from you and add to our list of notable thinkers in the corporate space.


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