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Iconic Places & People of India

Iconic Places & People of India

Discover India through questions, facts, and activities on 25 topics related to people and places. Ideal for families, children, and Indophiles.

  • About This Compound

    2nd most populous country. Among the top 10 economies. 7th largest country by area. A history that goes back thousands of years. Result: a resilient land and people that will be ever-relevant. Whether you are doing business in India or just want to connect with India, this compound is for you.

    What's in it?

    Each day, learn something new about India through questions, activities, and facts. This compound will help you engage with lesser-known facets of India's multi-coloured people, places, and passions.

    Who is it for?
    Ideal for newbies to India, whether children or travellers. Great for families to reconnect with India. Could even surprise the Indian who thought they knew it all about their country!

    What to expect?

    Each day on a Telegram group, receive one pdf file with 10 quiz questions, facts, and activities. Play solo or with a friend/family member. 

    Why this'll work
    You'll need just 15 mins each day to get to know India. In 25 days, walk away richer for the experience.

  • How Your Subscription Works

    Your subscription brings you:

    • Access to an exclusive, actively moderated, spam-free Telegram group.

    • Free and life-time access to the Compounds Forever community to get recommendations, quizzes, and more.

    How It Works

    • Each day, receive the prompt of the day on the Telegram group. Read it at your leisure (typically, only 15 mins needed!)

    • Each day is dedicated to a single theme. You'll receive a pdf file with a mix of quiz questions, facts, activities, and some fun bonuses.

    • Play them with family or just go through them as a solo adventurer!

  • Content Themes & Examples

    Each day is dedicated to a single theme.  See a free example here, based on the theme of “Yoga”.

    This compound covers these topics across 25 consecutive days, one per day:

    • Animals & Birds
    • State Capitals
    • Bharat's Ratnas
    • Buildings
    • Products
    • Trains
    • Symbols
    • Statues
    • Postage Stamps
    • Kings and Queens
    • State Names
    • Jungles
    • State Outlines
    • India in Space
    • Election Symbols
    • Superlatives
    • Colours
    • Forts
    • The Rupee
    • Scientists
    • Vehicles
    • India, the Republic
    • Newspapers
    • Northeast
    • Street Foods
  • Refund Policy

    Opt-out for a full refund any time in the first 3 days

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